Dehydrated Half~Dozen-Raw Food Nuts

Buy 6 delicious flavors~ Enjoy both savory and sweet marinated nuts!

Flavors include : Absolute Chi Teriyaki Almond, I Love Vegan Cheesy, Galactic Garlic-Onion Pistachios, Bodacious Bananna Bread Walnutz, Tahitian Vanilla Bean Coco Creme Walnutz and our Celestial Cina-~Pecan. 3oz/per bag ... No substitutions at this time.
These raw food nuts are not roasted or baked! They are germinated (sprouted), then marinated and dehydrated (air dried) slowly at low temps for up to 5 days to maintain optimal nutrition, digestion, and flavor!

Dehydrated Half~Dozen-Raw Food Nuts
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