Organic Sprouted Sunflower Seeds- 16oz (US Grown)

For the simple pleasure of the full nut/seed flavor. Geminated (sprouted) and dehydrated and enzyme active (just like our flavored nuts). Light and crunchy.
These raw food seeds are not roasted or baked! They are germinated (sprouted), and dehydrated slowly at low temps for up to 5 days to maintain optimal nutrition, digestion, and flavor!

Sprouting nuts is similar to the process that they would undergo in nature. When a nut/seed falls off a tree during the Autumn months, it sits on the ground until spring when it begins to germinate and grow.

The benefits to doing this are first to disarm the inedible tannins and toxins that reside in the nut/seed that prevent it from prematurely germinating in nature.

The effect this has on the product is noticeable in how it transforms a normally dense nut into a much lighter, easier to digest nut/seed that is more alkaline with enhanced nutritional delivery.

The sprouting process also provides the nut with more vital life force due to the fact that the nut/seed is now further along in its growth cycle as opposed to being ungerminated.

Grown in USA

Organic Sprouted Sunflower Seeds- 16oz (US Grown)
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